Instructions for oral presentation proposals

To submit an oral presentation proposal for consideration for inclusion in the conference program, please ensure that you read the following information, and complete each section of the online submission.  You are required to provide a structured anonymous abstract of 260 words and must include background, aim/s, method, results and conclusion.

Submissions should meet the requirements listed below.

To prepare your abstract for submission please note:

  • You will be required to indicate whether your submission is a Research paper or a Practice paper

    A research paper
    will be of a high standard of reasoning and quality and present original/new qualitative and/or quantitative research. It should follow a standard format and the work typically has been approved by an institutional ethics committee or equivalent. Submissions showing evidence of project completion (data collection and analysis) will be rated more highly.  Projects in progress will be considered

    A practice paper
    is one which is reporting speech pathology practice or quality assurance tasks. It may not have been through an institutional ethics committee or equivalent and will not usually contain statistics. The content of the paper will have developed organically and was probably not designed for the purpose of presenting at a conference, i.e. it was due to an internal process in the organisation.​
  • Select your title carefully – people choose sessions to attend based on titles of a paper within those sessions
  • Do not include any information about the authors within the abstract
  • Abstract must be submitted by author/s only
  • Any references will not be included in the online or final programs
  • Handouts: It is the responsibility of the presenter to supply any handout material for their presentation at their own cost. These are optional.
  • Disclosure statement (financial and/or non-financial)
    All authors are required to complete the disclosure section indicating any financial or non-financial relationship(s) related to the content of the proposed abstract.  Please make sure you complete this section when submitting your abstract.
  • Oral presenters must register as a delegate of the conference. There are no reduced fees for oral presenters.
  • Online conference registration will be available on the website from February 2018
  • Presentation times will range from 10 – 20 minutes plus discussion time, although the time may vary depending upon the number of other papers in that session
  • Accepted abstracts will be included in the conference program

    The following equipment will be provided
  •  Data projector
  •  Laptop including internet access
  •  Laser pointer
  •  Screen
  •  Lectern & microphone

Guide to using the online proforma for abstract submission

  • Single spacing with one line between paragraphs - do not indent paragraphs
  • Use upper and lower case typing as required
  • Do not use all upper case in the title or abstract
  • Please ensure you check the abstract for overall clarity including accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar 
  • 260 words maximum
  • Presentation type (Oral - Research or Oral - Practice)
  • Full title of your submission - select your title carefully as it will determine your audience
  • Abstract (copy and paste the five headings into the abstract)
  • Keywords - Provide up to 6 keywords to accurately portray the scope of the presentation. Include words pertaining to the population or sample, the method, any tools or measures used and the key findings. These words should be reiterated at least once in the abstract.
  • Subject categories - one or two selected from list provided
  • Name/s of all author/s
  • Affiliation/s
  • Select who will be the presenter/s 
  • Short biography of each presenter/s
The review process
  • Decisions regarding acceptance of poster proposals are made by the Conference Planning Committee (CPC) after the review.  An abstract which is not accepted for an oral presentation may be recommended for presentation as a poster.
Research and practice papers are evaluated using the following criteria:
  • Application to speech pathology practice
  • The strength of theoretical and/or scientific premise of the project
  • Evidence that results/data have been collected
  • Level of details provided regarding the project, e.g. background, aim/s, method, results and conclusion
  • Evidence of innovation/originality of project and findings
  • The overall clarity of the abstract including accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Relevance to the conference theme
Additional Information
  • Following the review process, to assist with abstract selection, you may be required to provide additional information regarding your submission or rewrite your abstract.

Author/s checklist

Before proceeding to the online submission, please use this checklist to ensure you are ready to submit your oral abstract.

Please now click this link to proceed to the online abstract submission