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Seeking Speech Pathology Volunteers in Cambodia

Speech Pathologists wanted for Cambodian speech therapy project.

A project “Developing basic Speech Therapy services for people with disabilities in Cambodia” is being conducted through CABDICO, which is a local, non-government organisation in Cambodia. The project aims to raise awareness of the needs of those with communication and swallowing problems in Cambodia and advocate for a truly collaborative and sustainable solution. By piloting a general Speech Therapy curriculum, CABDICO aims to show that a Speech Therapy course, albeit a shortened version, can work in the Cambodian context and provide benefits for those with communication and swallowing problems.   The final aim of the project is to take steps to set up a Speech Therapy degree program in Cambodia.

Speech Pathologists are required now to participate in Stage 2 of the project, which involves piloting a short, but comprehensive basic curriculum, aimed at training CABDICO’s community based rehabilitation workers and then for the impact of the course to be measured. CABDICO is seeking two (2) speech pathologists to assist with the development of the short course, and potentially other involvement in the project.

Full details of this project can be found here.

Interested members are encouraged to contact Mr Weh Yeoh, Disability Consultant, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Speech Pathology Week 2014

Nation for Communication - 24 to 30 August

Speech Pathology Week is the annual week to raise awareness about communication and swallowing disorders, as well as the work of speech pathologists.

This year, Speech Pathology Australia is proud to be part of the International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014) and #SPWeek 2014 will form part of ICP2014 activities.

To find out more about Nation for Communication and the ICP2014 in Australia, visit

To find out more about the ICP2014, visit





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