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Allied Health Scholarships 2016

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH), has announced the opening dates for applications for the 2016 Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme: Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Clinical Placement Scholarships.

Postgraduate Scholarship: Supports practising allied health professionals to study at the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters or PhD level. The Scholarship is valued at $15,000 (FTE) per annum for a maximum of 2 years. Applications open on 6 August 2015. For more information…

Clinical Placement Scholarship: Supports allied health students to undertake clinical placements in rural or remote Australian communities during their degree and consequently choose to practice in such settings after graduating. The Scholarship is valued at $11,000 for a maximum 6 week placement and will only be awarded once during a student’s course of study. Applications open on 18 August 2015. For more information…

Undergraduate Scholarship: Supports students to study an allied health profession at the undergraduate level, or graduate entry-level for their chosen profession. The Scholarship is valued at $10,000 (FTE) per annum for the duration of the course of study. Applications open on 1 September 2015. For more information…

Call toll free 1800 338 061 if you need further information regarding the NAHSSS scholarships.


Vulnerable Witnesses Bill (SPA Media)

Speech Pathology Australia has released a media release urging Members of the South Australian Upper House to pass the Vulnerable Witnesses Bill. Amongst other initiatives, the Bill gives people with complex communication needs, whether victims, witnesses or defendants, a general entitlement to use an alternative form of communication and to have communication support for any contact with the criminal justice system.

Arising from this media release, Tim Kittel, SPA Director, spoke on ABC Radio 891 about the new legislation and the challenges people with a communication difficulty often face and have to overcome. Listen to Tim Kittel on ABC Radio 891. Tim Kittel did a later interview on the same subject on Radio 5RPH. Listen to Tim Kittel on Radio 1197 AM RPH.

SPA also welcomes the State Government’s commitment to implement a Communication Assistant Scheme that will include the introduction of trained communication partners to support people with complex communication needs throughout their contact with the criminal justice system.

SPA’s Chief Executive Officer, Gail Mulcair, and other Association officers are discussing with the South Australian Attorney-General's Department how speech pathologists can be involved in the implementation of the Communication Assistant Scheme, especially, in determining the best way a person’s communication needs can be supported.


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