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The 2013 National Tour speaker... Dr Elise Baker          


Speech Pathology Australia is thrilled the 2013 National Tour speaker is Dr Elise Baker, continuing the line of highly respected and skilled speech pathologists who the Association has been privileged to have as National Tour presenters.

Dr Elise Baker will be presenting a two-day workshop - 'Best practice in the management of speech sound disorders in children: Making every session count' - exploring a range of evidence-based approaches for managing phonological impairment in toddlers, preschool, and school-age children.

Dr Elise Baker is a speech pathologist and lecturer with Discipline of Speech Pathology, at The University of Sydney. She is recognized nationally and internationally for her knowledge and expertise on intervention for speech sound disorders (SSD) in children, speech pathologists’ methods of practice with children who have SSD, and the conduct of evidence-based practice.  Elise has been an invited speaker at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, and has presented invited workshops on the topic of SSD in children in Australia and USA. She is the lead author of a forthcoming scientific forum in the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology on the optimal intensity of interventions in speech-language pathology.  As a steering committee member of the NSW Evidence-based Practice Network, Elise has a keen interest in helping clinicians put research into practice.  

2013 National Tour Workshops

The brochure for the 2013 National Tour workshop can be accessed alt here.

'Best practice in the management of speech sound disorders in children: Making every session count' by Dr Elise Baker  

A two day workshop in various Branches

The planned itinerary is listed below. (Please note that this may be subject to change.)



Dates of 2-day workshop


Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April 2013

This event has run.


Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 July 2013

This event has run.


Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July 2013

This event has run.


Thursday 1 and Friday 2 August 2013

This event has run.


Thursday 5 and Friday 6 September 2013

This event has run.


Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November 2013

This event has run.


Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November 2013

This event has run.


Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 November 2013


Registration fees for the workshop areare listed below for registrations before the Earlybird closing date of 1 month before the event date.

For registrations after this date, there will be an additional fee of $55 including GST added to the registration fee below.


Speech Pathology Australia Practising member

$462 including GST

($420 + $42 GST)

Associate rate. Contact SPA National Office on 1300 368 835 to be registered in this category. Applies to:

  • International SP Association member: a speech pathologist working outside of Australia and a financial member of their country’s speech pathology association.
  • Applicable only to workshops open to other professions: an Allied Professional who is a member of their professional Association.

Non Association member

A Speech Pathologist who is not a SPA member or a member of an international speech pathology association or – applicable only to workshops open to other professions - an Allied Professional who is not a member of their own professional Association.

$924 including GST

($840 + $84 GST)

Speech Pathology Australia Non Practising member

$308 including GST

($280 + $28 GST)

Speech Pathology Australia Re-entry member

Speech Pathology Australia Full-time Postgraduate Student member


Rural Members' Traveller's Rate

For RURAL SPA members only who live more than 300km from their capital city/non- metropolitan member whose return trip to attend this event is 300km or more from their place of work or a SPA member in the ACT, NT or Tas Branch travelling to a workshop not on offer in your own Branch. This rate does NOT apply to metropolitan members travelling interstate for this workshop. Registrants choosing this class will be contacted if they do not met the eligibility criteria and will have an option to pay the differential or get a refund.

$231 including

($210 + $21 GST

Speech Pathology Australia Student member

Closing date is 1 week before the event date or until ‘sold out’.



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And we are thrilled to announce Speech Pathology Australia's 2014 National Tour speaker is Dr Julia Starling.

“Supporting upper primary school-aged children and adolescents with language and literacy difficulty: Time for some creative thinking!”

Dr Julia Starling will be presenting a two-day workshop on the nature and impact of, and interventions for, upper primary school-aged children and adolescents with language and literacy difficulties. The content will include both school-based and clinical management approaches.

The content of the highly interactive workshops will be based on Julia’s extensive clinical and research focus in this area, an interest that has led to many national and international presentations and publications in recent years. For example, she was an invited author for a clinical forum on language and communication disorders in adolescents in the October 2012 issue of Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. Julia maintains her private caseload of mainly upper primary and secondary students, is implementing an evidence-based teacher training program in a group of secondary schools in Sydney, regularly lectures and presents seminars and workshops, and continues an active involvement in research projects. Additionally Julia is president of the Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW.

Watch this space for further details...


The Association is incredibly grateful to the 2012 National Tour speaker Dr Roslyn Neilson...


Dr Ros Neilson is a Speech Pathologist who has specialised in literacy difficulties for many years. As well as running a private clinical practice, she works in several local schools, devotes time to research, including the ongoing development of assessment and therapy tools, and provides in-servicing. She completed a PhD in Psychology at Wollongong University in the area of phonological awareness and reading difficulties.

  • Ros presented 2 one-day workshops in the area of Literacy in the National Year of Reading.: Learning to Read and Reading to Learn - in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra, Melbourne and Launceston, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. Nearly all workshops sold out which is a testament to Ros.
  • We extend our sincere thanks to Ros for her expertise, experience, and generosity as the National Tour speaker. This extended to ‘take home’ materials, Each registrant received a USB uploaded with material/resources generously supplied by Ros for registrants to be able to use in clinical practice. Registrants expressed their appreciation of this with many comments received like the following: “Thank you for all the excellent resources”, “So generous with resources”, and “Fantastic speaker – well presented. Thank you for the ideas and resources.”
  • There were so many positive comments received in the feedback at Ros’ National Tour workshops, but let’s just quote a small sample – “Can’t believe I am sitting here looking at a legend. Ros you are a rock star”, “Wonderful and comprehensive examination of the literature and resources”, “Beautifully presented”, “Ros brings extensive wisdom and practical experience to create a reflective learning environment”, and “We are lucky to have Ros in our profession”.


The Association is proud of the highly skilled, professional and dedicated speech pathologists who have been invited by SPA to be the National Tour speakers:

2012 Dr Roslyn Neilson
2011 Professor Leanne Togher
2010 Associate Professor Cori Williams
2009 Associate Professor Jacqueline Roberts
2008 Associate Professor Sharynne McLeod
2007 Dr Elizabeth Cardell
2006 Mellanie Sherwood
2005 Dr Caroline Bowen
2004 Dr Maggie Lee Huckabee

And more about the speakers and the topics covered by the Association's previous National Tour speakers ...

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