Terminology for Modified Foods and Fluids


Terminology for Modified Foods and Fluids


The Clinical Food Texture Modification Grading Scale and Clinical Fluid Thickness Grading scale provide terms for and descriptions of food and fluids modified for individuals with dysphagia.

The scales have been developed through a consultation process with speech pathologists and dietitians across Australia and consensus achieved between the Speech Pathology Australia Council and the Board of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA). Speech Pathology Australia Council ratified the final version of the food and fluid scales at its February 2007 meeting and approved a joint publication of the standards in a Supplement of the DAA's offical journal, 'Nutrition and Dietetics’. See link below.

The scales were launched at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference in Sydney May 2007.  All members will have received a copy of the Journal Supplement, outlining the scales. We encourage the use of these standards by all speech pathologists across Australia. 

The standards have been communicated to key stakeholders through a number of avenues including posters, media releases and education sessions held in Qld, NSW and Vic. Education sessions are currently being planned for WA and SA.

Members are directed to access the power point presentation from the education sessions. This presentation may be used within individual workplaces for education purposes.

Speech Pathology Australia wishes to extend thanks to all those who contributed to this important project.

Published Standards

As published in 'Nutrition & Dietetics 2007'  Page 64

Dietitians Association of Australia and The Speech Pathology Association of Australia Limited (2007). Texture-modified food and thickened fluids as used for individuals with dysphagia: Australian standardised labels and definiitons. Nutrition & Dietetics 64 (Suppl.2): 553-576.


The scales have also been outlined in an educational poster which is available to members. An electronic copy can be downloaded here alt Poster (A3 size)

Media Release

Speech Pathology Australia and The Dietitians Association of Australia launched their joint project, the ‘National Australian Standards, Terminology and Definitions of Texture Modified Foods and Fluids’ at their National Conferences in May.  The following joint media release was produced to highlight these launches to the public. altMedia Release (May 2007)



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