Engaging Collaborating Empowering

2 – 5 June 2019
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane will welcome you in 2019 for a conference that will be a great opportunity for delegates to experience Engaging, Collaborating and Empowering presentations.

The 2019 Conference is a joint event for Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) and the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA).

The CPC, comprised of representatives from both SPA and NZSTA, wants you to engage with the evidence and collaborate with peers, to continue to empower your practice with a confidence that is informed by the evidence base. Delegates are invited to participate and gain opportunities through:

  • Formation of connections and relationships between members of the profession (on both sides of "the ditch"),
  • Engagement and collaboration between researchers and practitioners through knowledge,
  • Increasing confidence in your professional role, responsibilities and relationships in delivery of client care.

2019 Conference Planning Committee (CPC)

  • Co-convenor - Ms Alison Smith
  • Co-convenor - Dr Felicity Bright
  • Co-scientific program chair - Dr Clare McCann
  • Co-scientific program chair - Laurelie Wall
  • Dr Rebecca Armstrong
  • Anne Huang
  • Renee Taylor