Core documents and position statements

Core documents


Position statements

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) produces a suite of practice documents to support professional practice and provide current best evidence and best practice recommendations.

A position statement:

  • provides a short summary of workplace areas of focus in a specific area of practice
  • may be complemented by a practice guideline
  • reflects available evidence at a point in time
  • outlines the position of Speech Pathology Australia on a particular topic
  • has an intended audience of external stakeholders, consumers, employers, other professional associations, funding bodies and policy makers and speech pathologists.

A position statement may be complemented by a practice guideline. A practice guideline provides a comprehensive outline on professional practice and workplace issues in a specific area of practice and is written for speech pathologists; however, may also be referenced by stakeholders that include management and consumers.

Non-members may purchase a practice guideline by contacting the Association's Publications Coordinator

Position statements may reference Association core documents listed above. 

View the Association's position statements below.