Board of Directors

Speech Pathology Australia is coordinated and led nationally by a Board of Directors elected directly by the Association’s membership.

The Board of Directors of Speech Pathology Australia is responsible for the strategic development, implementation and evaluation of the Association's procedures and policies within the rules of the Constitution.

The Board of Speech Pathology Australia currently has seven Directors, with three members of the Board elected to the Office Bearer positions of President, Vice President Operations (VPO) and Vice President Communication (VPC), which forms the Board Executive Subcommittee.

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Board Nominations

Board nominations are sought from within the membership on an annual basis, with nominations being due no later than 5.00pm (AEDT), 31 January in any given year,

This key leadership role offers a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills and contribute significantly to the strategic direction of the Association and the speech pathology profession.

Directors hold major responsibility within the Association and as such, many Directors have never previously undertaken a role with similar legal, financial and strategic management responsibilities.

Every possible support and assistance is provided by experienced Directors, especially members of Board Executive Subcommittee, the Chief Executive Officer and National Office staff.

Detailed information is available in the Director Information and Expectations Package and Director Nomination Form. Directors are required to attend four Board meetings each year.

Any voting member is encouraged to nominate, while retiring Directors are eligible to renominate. Elections will be held if more than three nominations are received.

Board Meetings

At Board meetings, decisions affecting the policies, procedures and the business of the Association are debated and resolved.

The Board Executive Subcommittee - President, Vice President (Operations) and Vice President (Communication) meets, in person, ahead of each Board meeting, and on an as required basis via teleconference between meetings.

The Finance, Audit and Risk and Governance Subcommittee also meet on an as required basis, between Board meetings.


The President is the Chair of the Board of Directors. The President also represents the Association in the media, and meets key stakeholders. View a list of the Past Presidents of the Association.

Vice Presidents

The Vice President Operations (Operations) and the Vice President Communications (Communications) are both members of the Board of Directors.

The Vice President (Operations) supervises the business operations of the Association.

The Vice President (Communications) aims to provide effective communication with and between members of the Board of Directors and the Association’s membership. The Vice President (Communications) also liaises between the membership and the Association’s Ethics Board and the Board of Directors.

Current Directors

This is a photograph of Gaenor Dixon, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Gaenor Dixon

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This is a photograph of Belinda Hill, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Belinda Hill

Vice President Operations
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This is a photograph of Tim Kittel, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Tim Kittel

Vice President Communications
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This is a photograph of Chryrisse Heine, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Chyrisse Heine

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This is a photograph of Leone (Lee) McGovern, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Leone (Lee) McGovern

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This is a photograph of Brooke Sanderson, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Brooke Sanderson

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This is a photograph of Marleen Westerveld, Director at Speech Pathology Australia.

Marleen Westerveld

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