South Australia and COVID-19

Updated 30 May 2022

Transition to the Public Health Act

The Major Emergency Declaration was lifted on 24 May 2022.

Amendments have been made to the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 to enable some important public health measures to remain. This is essential to protect the South Australian community and ensure the health system’s resources can manage COVID-19 cases.

Under the Public Health Act, existing requirements will continue to apply, including requirements for:

  • isolation of positive COVID-19 cases
  • close contacts
  • mask wearing in health care settings, correctional services, passenger transport, and airports and airplanes
  • COVID-19 vaccination for health care, residential aged care and in-home disability care workers
  • testing of international arrivals
  • COVID Safe Check-In in hospitals, residential aged care and disability care facilities.

Consolidated Measures Direction

The Emergency Management (COVID-19 Requirements) (Consolidated Measures) Direction 2022 came into effect 23 May 2022.

This includes the current Activities, Arrivals, and Exposure Sites, Contacts and Diagnosis Requirements Directions.

This Direction, alongside the Residential Aged Care Facilities, Healthcare Setting Workers Vaccination and In-home and Community Aged Care and Disability Workers Vaccination, will continue to be in force under the Public Health Act.

May 2022: Changes to this page

You will notice that the state based COVID-19 pages have changed. These pages were established at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and had a lot of frequently changing content added to them. As a result, they contained many posts that were outdated. This sometimes made it difficult to quickly find information that you could be sure was applicable to current practice. Thus, the Speech Pathology Australia website pages containing information about COVID-19 and its impact on speech pathology practice have been condensed and simplified.

Information on this page

Below are links to official information regarding the COVID-19 response relevant to your state or territory. State and territory governments will update their guidance and directions as required, and members can access current information via these links. Speech Pathology Australia may still post other relevant information on these pages that may not be available through these links (e.g. details regarding low sensory vaccination clinics, clarifications regarding private practice received from Chief Allied Health Officers etc).

Speech Pathology Australia’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic

Speech Pathology Australia’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be to support members to understand their obligations while working as a health professional during this time. The Association provides members with COVID-19 information published by the federal, state and territory departments, developed by relevant governing bodies, and provided by Chief Allied Health Officers.

This information is provided to help members understand how they should act to comply with public health directions and orders, and how to adapt service delivery options depending on the current situation and advice. Information is updated via the Speech Pathology Australia website and social media as it becomes available from official sources. The Association does not generate its own policies and procedures regarding providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to check something or discuss your particular circumstances?

Please look at Speech Pathology Australia’s other COVID-19 pages as they may contain the information you want. If you would like to talk about issues related to working as a speech pathologist during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can email [email protected] or call 1300 368 835.

The following information is available on South Australian Government websites: