COVID-19 information for members

This information has been compiled to provide members of Speech Pathology Australia with relevant resources regarding working during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based upon the document, Speech Pathology Australia guidance for service delivery, clinical procedures and infection control during COVID-19 pandemic, developed in 2020.

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Speech Pathology Australia would like to acknowledge the advisory panel who informed the content of the initial document and have provided feedback for ongoing versions.

Stacey Baldac, Cate Barrett, Patricia Bradd, Julie Cichero, Michelle Cimoli , Amanda Dansky, Gaenor Dixon, Bernadette Dutton, Shari Fuller, Nicky Graham, Nichola Harris, Bronwyn Hemsley, Trish Johnson, Tracy Kelly, Christine Kendall, Barbara Lyndon , Cate Madill , Stella Martin, Kathryn McKinley, Emma McLaughlin, Gail Mulcair, Andrea Murray, Bernadette O’Connor, David O'Connor , Christopher Payten, Debra Phyland , Gloria Staios, Hannah Thompson , Kym Torresi, Liz Ward, Kelly Weir, and Denise West.