New advertising policy in place

Speech Pathology Australia announces that the Code of Ethics – Advertising policy has been reviewed and updated. The new policy is available online.

The revised advertising policy provides further detail and clarity around particular advertising practices that have the potential to mislead consumers and solicit unnecessary use of services.

New and reviewed inclusions to the policy address include:

  • The use of client images and information as a marketing strategy.
  • The use of inducements, such as prizes, gifts and discounts.
  • The need for clear delineation of speech pathology services from non-speech pathology products or services in advertising.
  • Procedures for dealing with non-compliance with the policy.

The Advertising FAQs document has also been reviewed and updated in accordance with the reviewed policy and is available on the Association’s website. For more information on marketing and ethics in advertising, there is a free webinar for Association members now available online: Ethical and Effective Marketing for your Private Practice.

For any queries regarding the revised policy, email the Association’s Ethics Advisor or contact Speech Pathology Australia.


Communications from Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia communicates regularly with members through a variety of means. The Association will, however, never contact a member through submission of a website contact form.

The Association has become aware that there may have been incidences of this happening. Where a member receives contact of this nature, stating it is from Speech Pathology Australia, they should immediately contact the Association as we are endeavouring to take steps to prevent this from occurring. Contact Speech Pathology Australia.