Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) maintains its National Office in Melbourne, where the Chief Executive Officer and a small team of dedicated staff are located. A number of national advisers are located outside of the Association’s Melbourne Office. Do you want to contact the Association's National Office?

National Office Staff and National Advisors

Gail Mulcair

Chief Executive Officer
Gail is responsible for the implementation of the Association’s strategic direction and provides support and advice to the Board, including the reporting on financial matters and ensuring all statutory and compliance requirements are met. Gail is also responsible for the direction of policy and government relations activities and represents the Association across a range of government and key stakeholder meetings and alliances. Gail oversights the overall operations of the Association and ensures the National Office supports the needs of members and the broad functions of the Association.
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Simone Arnott

Senior Advisor Professional Standards
Simone is part of the Professional Standards team that ensures speech pathologists wanting to join Speech Pathology Australia meet the required competency standards. Simone’s role includes moderation of university accreditations, training of accreditors, development of competency-based documents and processes and contributing to the overseas qualified assessment program and the re-entry program.
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Stacey Baldac

Manager Professional Standards
Stacey is responsible for managing the Association’s programs to ensure new members meet the required minimum competency standards for practising membership. Pursuant to this, Stacey manages the accreditation of university speech pathology programs, the overseas qualified assessment program, the re-entry to the profession program; and the development and review of practice documents, including core Association documents (clinical guidelines and position statements).
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
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Susan Boyd-Skinner

Communications Officer
Susan is responsible for developing and maintaining the Association’s digital presence via a range of electronic newsletters and social media platforms. Susan also provides design and desktop publishing support for the Association’s communications and marketing team.
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Maree Brown

Manager Professional Education
Maree provides strategic leadership and coordination of valued and innovative professional development offerings for the speech pathology profession, including responsibility for the design and delivery of professional education and training programs across a range of formats and learning platforms.
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Nathan Cornish-Raley

Professional Support Advisor
Nate develops resources and processes to facilitate professional support for members with particular focus on supports for student and early career members, and responds to member queries regarding supervision, mentoring, peer support and other professional support options and manages the Association’s mentoring program.
(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
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Dharshi Deegala

Finance Officer
Dharshi manages the Association’s accounts payable and receivable functions. This includes the processing and payments of all expenditures, and the handling and monitoring of receipts (revenues).
(Monday, Tuesday and Friday)
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Rebecca Faltyn

Publications Manager
Rebecca is responsible for the design and production coordination of the Association's publications, including Speak Out, the Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.
(Monday and Thursday).
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Sandra Fowler

Senior Policy Officer
Sandy provides support, through research and investigative inquiry, for all policy and advocacy activities of the Association; including policy analysis and development, preparation of submissions and consultation responses.
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
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Nichola Harris

Manager Professional Practice
Nichola is responsible for all matters related to professional practice. Her role involves overseeing support provided to members, by National Office staff and external providers, and the development of resource documents and organisation of professional practice seminars. Nichola ensures that the ability for speech pathologists to provide high quality professional practice is maintained or advocated for by, representing the Association on a number of National committees and Reference Groups, liaising with Government departments and seeking consultation or responding to reviews or enquires. Nichola also supports the writing of the Association’s guides, information sheets, position statements, clinical guidelines and submissions.
(Monday – Thursday)
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Trish Johnson

Manager Ethics and Professional Issues
Trish provides advice and support to members and the general public regarding the ethical and professional conduct of speech pathologists. Trish also supports the Ethics Board in the education of members regarding the Code of Ethics and professional issues, and in the management of formal complaints. Additionally, Trish represents the Association on a number of national working parties and alliances, contributes to Association submissions and undertakes specific projects relating to professional issues.
(Monday – Thursday)
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Alison Kellett

Membership and Administration Assistant
Alison is responsible for the processing of membership applications and renewals, queries, Overseas Qualifications and Re-entry applications, and liaison with eligibility assessors. Alison also provides administrative support across National Office in a range of areas.
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Michael Kerrisk

Communications and Marketing Manager
Michael is responsible for managing the Association’s marketing, communications, promotion and media activity. Michael is also responsible for the organisation of the Association’s Book of the Year Awards, the Speech Pathology Week public awareness campaign, and Swallowing Awareness Day.
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Kylie Martin

Finance Manager – Senior
Kylie manages the Association’s financial activities, including management reports, payroll, audit, controls and procedures. Kylie, in liaison with the Chief Executive Officer, oversees the development of the Association’s annual budget and ongoing budgetary processes.
(Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
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Nadia Marussinszky

Ethics Advisor
Nadia is responsible for supporting members to utilise appropriate content and strategies for members to advertise and market their speech pathology services.
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Tanya-Lee Mason

Membership and Administration Assistant
Tanya-Lee is responsible for the processing of membership applications and renewals, queries, Overseas Qualifications and Re-entry applications, and liaison with eligibility assessors. Tanya-Lee also provides administrative support across National Office in a range of areas.
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Rosie Miller

Professional Self Regulation (PSR) Advisor
Rosie is responsible for managing the Association’s Professional Self Regulation (PSR) audits.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
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Cathy Olsson

Senior Advisor Disability
Cathy is responsible to provide advice and inform and contribute to the Association’s understanding of and engagement with the disability sector, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Cathy is also responsible to develop resources and provide direct support to enable members to continue to provide high quality supports for people with disability and communication and swallowing difficulties in the changing service delivery environment. In addition, Cathy provides support and coordination around the Association’s position and activities in relation access to justice for people with communication difficulties.
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
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Nicole Pantalleresco

Board and Executive Assistant
Nicole is responsible for providing executive administrative and project support to the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and other subcommittees of the Association. Nicole is also responsible for maintaining the Association’s Policy and Procedures manual and liaising with the Board regarding required changes. In addition, Nicole coordinates communication with university programs, including Heads of Speech Pathology Programs and providing support to the COMPASS® Online licensing process.
(Monday, Tuesday and Friday)
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Pamela Richards

National Conference Manager
Pamela is responsible for the management and implementation of the Association’s national conference held in a different city of Australia each year. She has worked for the Association in this role since 2008.
(Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
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Anita Rodricks

Professional Education Administration Officer
Anita is responsible for administering and managing the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events library, CPD events, CPD feedback and general administrative support to the Senior Advisor, Professional Education and Certification (CPD and PSR).
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
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Diana Russo

Senior Advisor Professional Standards
Diana is part of the Professional Standards team that ensures speech pathologists wanting to join Speech Pathology Australia meet the required competency standards. Diana’s role includes Professional Recognition/Eligibility Assessment with responsibility for the overseas qualified assessment program and the re-entry to the profession program, training and supporting assessors, developing competency-based documents and processes, contributing to the moderation of university accreditations, and the development and review of practice documents.
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
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Caitlyn Rustem

Administration Assistant
Caitlyn provide administrative support to the Professional Standards Unit including University Accreditation, Professional Recognition, Clinical Guidelines and Strategic Projects.
(Monday and Wednesday)
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Ann Shackleton

Finance Officer
Ann manages the Association’s accounts payable and receivable functions. This includes the processing and payments of all expenditures, and the handling and monitoring of receipts (revenues).
(Wednesday – Thursday)
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Mark Smith

Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Mark is responsible for the identification and management of key policy, advocacy and representational opportunities for the Association. He is responsible for building and maintaining stakeholder relationships within the political, government and community context that are of strategic importance for the speech pathology profession.
(Monday – Thursday)
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Ryan Thomas

Reception and Administration Assistant
Ryan is responsible for reception (member and public customer service), general administration, and teleconferences.
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Kym Torresi

Senior Advisor Aged Care
Kym participates in the development and implementation of a strategic response by the Association to the Aged Care sector reforms, and the development and promotion of speech pathology services for older people. Kym also supports members providing speech pathology services in the aged care sector.
(Monday and Wednesday)
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Erin West

Practice and NDIS Advisor
Erin is responsible for providing advice for members and the community regarding issues around the NDIS. She also responds to professional practice related enquiries and provides support to members through development of website resources including guides, information sheets, and templates. Erin supports the representation of the Association at meetings, the writing of submissions, and fact sheets as required.
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
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Cori Williams

Senior Advisor Evidence Based Practice and Research
Cori provides support related to research and evidence based practice to the Association and its members. She creates monthly evidence alerts which are disseminated via email, Facebook and Twitter, and worked with the Senior Advisor Professional Development and Certification to develop the Evidence Based Practice independent study resource. With administrative support from the Association’s National Office she manages the research grants process.
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Mary Woodward

Senior Advisor Justice and Mental Health
Mary is responsible for progressing strategic activities and advocacy in the areas of justice and mental health.
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
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Ian Yorski

Communications and Digital Media Specialist
Ian is responsible for managing and producing the Association's digital media content, including video and podcasts, as well as designing and implementing various communication projects.
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
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Liz Young

Manager, Member Services and Operations
Liz is responsible for managing the Association’s member service functions: membership database; new members, re-entry, renewals, overseas qualification processes, member benefit programs and office operational matters.
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