Student Membership

  • If you have not been a member previously, please complete the form below.
  • If you were a member within the last 12 months you can simply renew your membership this year from your member profile  .
  • If you were last a member over 12 months ago please log in with your existing username/password  and complete the online application form.


Only students enrolled in a speech pathology course recognised by Speech Pathology Australia are eligible for this category of membership.
Applicants enrolled in their 1st degree in speech pathology (whether graduating with a Bachelors or Masters entry-level degree) are eligible for student membership.
Applicants MUST ensure they meet all selection criteria and provide ALL the required documents. 
If you are applying for student membership in your final year of study you must have been a member for a minimum of three months to be eligible for the discount on your first year as a Certified Practising member.
If you have completed your studies and are awaiting results you are no longer eligible for student membership.


Applicants for Student Membership must upload evidence of enrolment in a recognised speech pathology course. This evidence must clearly show your full name, course and university.

This can include one of the following:
  • a copy of your enrolment details clearly showing your full name, course and university or letter of offer for 1st year students OR 
  • the declaration attesting you are enrolled in a speech pathology course, completed by the appropriate member of staff at the University you are attending.

Application Approval

Acceptance to membership of The Speech Pathology Association of Australia Limited is subject to Board approval. Payment is taken as part of the application process but will be refunded in full if acceptance to membership is not approved. 
As a member of your professional Association you are encouraged to ensure you always keep records and details regarding your professional membership in a safe place. 
Applications generally take up to 10 business days to process.

Membership Fee

Please note: student membership fees of $66 are paid annually and are non refundable (unless your application is not approved). 
Please include the fee due with your application. Payment may be made by Visa or Mastercard.

Student Member Upgrade

After graduation Student Members may upgrade their membership to be a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with provisional CPSP by re-applying and submitting the necessary certified copies of documents. New graduate application forms can be found on the SPA website.

Student Members

  • are offered benefits in line with other Members, including free regular publications. 
  • are offered professional development opportunities at student member rates.
  • are offered National Conference registration fees at student member rates.
  • are eligible to hold any Branch position, with the exception of Chair or Vice Chair. Students are able to vote in Branch matters, but do not have voting rights at Speech Pathology Australia’s Annual General Meeting.
  • may be co-opted to Association bodies, but are not entitled to vote.
  • pay a special reduced rate in their first year after completion of their course if continual membership is held.
  • must be a member for a minimum of three months in the year that they finish their course to be eligible for reduced rate for Certified Practising membership.

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