Re-entering the Profession

Re-entry Program

The Re-entry Program has been developed to support speech pathologists previously eligible for practising membership with Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) to return to practice after a career break of five years and less than 15 years.

To participate in the Re-entry Program, applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Previously eligible for Practising membership (up to 2015) or Certified Practising membership – that is, eligible for Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) status (2016 onwards).
  • Have worked as a speech pathologist in the 15 years prior to application.
  • Have not worked for up to 1000 hours in the 5 years prior to application.

The situation is different for graduates. If a graduate does not practice within ten years of graduation for a minimum of 200 hours they will NOT be eligible for Re-Entry and not eligible for Certified Practising Membership.

The eligibility requirements for the Re-Entry program have been set by the Speech Pathology Australia Board. It is to the discretion of the Board if they will accept applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Any person participating in the Re-Entry program must join the Association (or renew) as a member in the Re-Entry category.

Re-entry participants are not eligible to receive Medicare or Private Health Fund provider status. Working Re-entry Member Information This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in PDF..

This graphic is a screen shot of the Q&A video about the Re-entry program with senior advisers from the Association's Professional Standards team.Watch a Q&A video about the Re-entry program with senior advisors from the  Association's Professional Standards team.

For further information about the program read the Re-entry Program Guide and Re-entry Program Application This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in PDF..

For further information contact the Association's National Office.

Resources for Re-entry Applicants and Members

Ethics Education

Complete either Ethics Education Part 1 and Part 2 OR Ethics Education Package

Part 1: Ethics in professional and clinical practice and Part 2: Enhancing ethical practice, avoiding snakes and building ladders


Ethics Education Package

Evidenced Based Practice

Complete either Module 1 and Module 2 OR the Evidenced Based Practice Independent Study Resource

EBP Independent Study Resource Module 1 – Understanding Evidence-Based Practice and EBP Independent Study Resource Module 2 - Evidence Based Practice and Practice Based Evidence


Evidence Based Practice Independent Study Resource