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Membership of Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) is open to applicants who have an approved primary qualification in speech pathology from an Australian accredited university course. Student membership is available to students enrolled in a recognised course accredited by the Association. Overseas trained applicants should refer to information on Overseas Qualifications.

The Association has over 10,000 members. When the Association advocates and campaigns on the behalf of the profession, it does so confident in the knowledge that it represents the views and interests of the overwhelming majority of speech pathologists in Australia.

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Why Join Speech Pathology Australia?

It’s a good question. And one with a very simple answer. Membership has its benefits!

When you join Speech Pathology Australia you are joining a professional organisation backed by over 10,000 members. And one where membership has clear benefits.

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Guild Insurance and Financial Services

Your career is important – so why risk it? You never know what is around the corner! A claim made against you can be stressful and potentially damaging to your career. It pays to be properly protected. That’s why the Association refers you to Guild Insurance.

Guild Insurance works with the Association to ensure that as a speech pathologist, you have the insurance you need to confidently care for your clients.

Support when you need it most

Because receiving a customer complaint is a stressful experience, Guild Insurance provides you with access to the legal experts from Meridian Lawyers – one of Australia’s leading law firms.

Keeping you fully covered

Guild Insurance provides:

  • Choice of employment status and level of cover – allows you to select the level of cover that’s right for your professional needs.
  • Legal fees – $100,000 cover for legal expenses relating to disciplinary proceedings or coronial inquiries.
  • No standard excess on liability claims – you don’t need to worry about expensive excesses when you need to claim. Simply call us for help straight away.
  • Plus you can pay your premiums by the month at no additional cost!

Taking out cover is easy

For more information or to apply online at Guild Insurance.

Insurance issued by Guild Insurance Ltd, ABN 55 004 538 863, AFSL 233791 and subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Guild Insurance supports your association through the payment of referral fees. This information is of a general nature only; please refer to the policy for details. For more information call 1800 810 213.


Speech Pathology Australia has engaged the services of WorkPlacePLUS.

WorkPlacePLUS specialises in industrial relations, human resource management and employment matters across Australia.  WorkPlacePLUS can also provide industrial and award advice.

Contact Anna Pannuzzo by telephone on either (03) 9492 0958 or by email.

Visit the WorkPlacePLUS website.

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Member Advantage

As a member of the Association you are automatically part of Member Advantage. This provides you and your family with access to exclusive discounts on a range of quality lifestyle, leisure and financial services all year round.

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All the benefits you have come to enjoy with a great new design and functionality.

Member Advantage provides you and your family with access to exclusive discounts on a range of quality lifestyle, leisure and financial services all year round. The new website has been redesigned to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing you to see the full benefits range on offer.

How do you access the new website?

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