Professional Self Regulation Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have not met the PSR requirements?

  • If you submit less than 20 CPD points at renewal, without an extension, your membership status will be updated to Non-Certified.
  • If you cannot declare that you have met the applicable recency of practice requirement, you cannot renew as a Certified Practising member. You have the option of renewing as a Non-Certified member or applying for the Re-Entry program.

What does Non-Certified membership mean?

Non-certified members are not eligible for the benefits of CPSP status and cannot use the title Certified Practising Speech Pathologist or the post-nominal ‘CPSP’.

Non-certified membership is time limited for a maximum of one renewal period or 12 months whichever is greater. If after this period the member has not satisfied the requirements for Certified Practising membership, they will not be able to renew as either a Non-Certified or Certified Practising member.

The 12-month period allows members time to meet the requirements or consider options for future membership.


  1. If the member has met the recency of practice requirement but not the CPD requirements, they must undertake the required CPD and then complete the PSR declaration to renew as a Certified Practising member
  2. If the member has not met the recency of practice requirement, they can apply for SPA’s re-entry program.
  3. Renew as a Non-Practising member
  4. Cease SPA membership

View Policy 2.07 Non Certified Membership

I would like to maintain my CPSP status but will be going on maternity leave soon. Is a practice hour extension available?

No, a practice hour extension is not available. It is strongly recommended that members who are planning extended leave from the profession and would like to maintain CPSP status be aware of their recency of practice and CPD obligations.

Is a practice hour extension available for members affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 practice hour extension is no longer available. If your practice hours have been affected by the pandemic and you will not be able to meet the recency of practice requirement, you can apply for special consideration. Please refer to SPA Policy No 2.17 Special Circumstances for information on how to apply.

Can I have an extension to give me more time to earn the minimum 20 CPD points?

SPA Policy No 10.06 outlines the criteria for a CPD extension. Extensions may be granted to members:

  • on leave for a period of more than six months,
  • who have a significant illness, and/or
  • on compassionate grounds.

An extension allows members an additional membership year to engage in CPD to earn the required minimum 20 points. When the extension period has lapsed, members must have submitted at least 20 CPD points over the two membership years to maintain Certified Practising membership.

It is not permitted to have an extension two membership years in a row.

If you are eligible for an extension, mark the relevant box on the PSR declaration form when you renew.

Why can’t I access my membership certificate?

If you cannot access a membership certificate it is likely that your membership status is Non-Certified. A membership certificate is not issued to Non-Certified members. The membership status of members who submit fewer than 20 CPD points without an extension is automatically updated to Non-Certified.

When I renew my membership, do I need to submit my CPD log or evidence of practice hours?

No, you do not need to submit any evidence when you renew your membership. However, you will be required to provide evidence if you are selected for an audit. Speech Pathology Australia audits 5% of Certified Practising members annually. This is a requirement of the National Alliance of Self-Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP).

If I use the online log, will my points automatically transfer to the online renewal form?

Yes. Points automatically migrate from your online log to your online PSR declaration form during the renewal process.

When you start the online membership renewal process all the CPD points you earned in the previous membership year that are entered in your online log will migrate to the PSR declaration. Make sure you check the points have transferred correctly before confirming.

Can I attach certificates to my online log?

Unfortunately, at present documents cannot be uploaded to the online log.

Can I organise my online log entries according to date?

Yes, simply click on ‘Date of Activity’ in the top bar.

How long do I need to keep my CPD log and evidence?

It is recommended Certified Practising members retain their CPD records (log and evidence) for two membership years, in case they are selected for an audit.