Survey and Research Distribution Form

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) assists relevant research by distributing requests to participate in research and/or surveys to its members via its national eNews. Requests for distribution via the Association bi-monthly magazine will be considered at cost to the requestee. UNLESS otherwise stated below this service is only available for members of Speech Pathology Australia.

Research / data collection surveys must be of relevance to the profession and may include documents that set standards or guidelines within a given area of clinical practice, research on a given clinical topic, or data collection integral to lobbying or representation of the profession.

Applicants must complete, in whole, the Online Survey Distribution Form below for approval by the Association. Requests are approved where they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The request is submitted by a member of the Association or an organisation, which has a recognised affiliation with the Association / profession (i.e. external professional body, accredited university or government department).
  • The request is relevant to the profession.
  • Ethics clearance has been obtained from a university or relevant workplace. (A copy must be submitted online with the relevant application.)
  • A report is provided to the Association with the results and outcomes at the completion of the research.

Once a request has been submitted the Association will advise if the above criterion has been met and the mode of distribution (email or post), which remains at the discretion of the Association.

Online form

When completing the form below be aware that this is the exact format / wording will to the Association’s members via its national eNews, though the Association reserves the right to edit content to make the language consistent with other entries. Subsequent amendments to information submitted via this form should be forward by email to the Association's Communication and Marketing Manager.

The contact name (see form below) MUST be a member of Speech Pathology Australia.