Learning to Use Telepractice

NEW Learning Hub: Telepractice & COVID-19

The material on this page is now available from the Association’s new Learning Hub. On the Hub members can access the most up-to-date resources developed by Australia’s leading academics for the provision of clinical services via telepractice and the impact of COVID-19 on business. Visit the Learning Hub.


Speech Pathology Australia has worked with Australia’s leading academics in the field of telepractice services to support members in the provision of their clinical services. Watch these informative and succinct webisodes covering the following clinical areas:

On this page is also information about the Queensland Health e-Learning Program, ‘Conducting Clinical Swallowing Examinations via Telepractice’, and Telepractice for the delivery of paediatric feeding services, which Queensland Health is making available to members for free.

Program Name: Delivering Family-Centred Services via Telepractice

Program Speakers: Associate Professor Nerina Scarinci and Dr Monique Waite

Webisode Names:

Program Name: Delivering Paediatric Dysphagia/ Feeding Services via Telepractice

Program Speaker: Madeline Raatz


Program Name: Risk Management and Considerations when Using Telepractice Services

Program Speakers: Professor Liz Ward


Program Name: IT Considerations when Using Telepractice Services

Program Speaker: Dr Clare Burns


Program Name: Delivering Adult Dysphagia Services via Telepractice

Program Speaker: Professor Liz Ward & Dr Clare Burns


Program Name: Delivering Complex Disability Services via Telepractice

Program Speakers: Ophelia Reid, Jessie Diamond and Brittany Maiolo 


Speech Pathology Australia Resources

QLD Health e-Learning Program

The following courses have been specifically developed to support speech pathology clinicians to gain theoretical and practice knowledge regarding the use of telepractice to deliver paediatric feeding services or to conduct clinical swallowing examinations.

  • Telepractice for the Delivery of Paediatric Feeding Services
  • Conducting Clinical Swallowing Examinations via Telepractice.

The courses were developed by the Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation, The University of Queensland and the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department, and The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Read more…