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5 Parkinson’s Symposium for Allied Health & Nurses 
The symposium will bring together Australia’s leading Parkinson’s clinicians and academics to discuss recent discoveries and promising pathways for a better understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and cross discipline collaboration.

Mercure Hotel, Scully Park, Kent St, Tamworth
Saturday 5th November 2022

Allied Health & Nurses Education: 8.30am – 3.30pm
$40 per person ($60 if you attend both education & dinner) per person.

Health Clinicians Dinner: 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm (open to all Health Clinicians and their staff), $40 per person.

Register online:


Webinar - Preschoolers with Selective Mutism Transitioning to School

Selective mutism is a severe but treatable anxiety disorder. It generally takes 1-2 years of treatment to resolve, and requires an intensive school or preschool program. The transition to school for preschoolers with Selective Mutism is often a stressful and difficult process and raises many questions for caregivers and parents. There are many factors to consider around such a transition such as educating the primary school and teachers about selective mutism, and preparing the child for the transition. This 1.5-hour webinar is for early childhood and kindergarten teachers, support staff, and parents who care for a child with selective mutism or extreme shyness who is starting school in 2023 and would like to help them make the most optimal transition to school. The webinar covers topics such as educating the primary school and teachers about selective mutism and how to respond to the child initially if they do or don't speak, selecting the most appropriate teacher, familiarising the child with the new environment and teacher, and preparing the child for other changes that will occur.

For more information.
Contact: Elizabeth Woodcock Email: [email protected]
10 BCA Employment Symposium
The Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) is holding an Employment Symposium in Sydney for businesses who are keen to make their workplace more accessible and inclusive. 

This event is free to attend and will be fully catered. 

Join us and our Keynote Speaker, Graeme Innes AM as we explore and break down misconceptions about employing someone who is blind or vision impaired.

For more information and to register

Cheryl Anne Gration
Email: [email protected]


28 Working Therapeutically with PDA (demand avoidant) Clients
Are you increasingly noticing that certain autistic clients are more challenging for you to engage therapeutically than others? Have you heard of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)?

Understanding and recognising PDA characteristics in your clients will assist you and their supporting adults to effectively work with them. In this informative presentation based upon current research and clinical experience, you will learn how to differentiate between PDA and other disorders, how to engage PDA clients in therapy and how to assist their supporting adults in supporting them at home, school and in the community. Presented by Clinical Psychologists, Dr Theresa Kidd and Dr Miriam Kirby from The Kidd Clinic. The webinar will be recorded and available to view for up to 30 days following the live event. The event link and webinar handbook will be emailed to attendees the week prior to the event.

For more information and to register.
Contact: Dr Theresa Kidd
Email: [email protected]
7 Leap into Literacy for Children with Hearing Loss

Literacy skills are fundamental for formal education and are crucial for success across a lifespan. Literacy learning requires a systematic well designed instructional approach, and children with hearing loss highly benefit from specific strategies to support and address their unique learning needs.

Key Learnings:
- Understand key aspects of literacy development.

- Learn how hearing loss impacts on literacy development.

- Learn strategies to support literacy development in children with hearing loss.

- Develop activities to strengthen pre-literacy and literacy skills.

Course Details:
Two hour online interactive course suited for professionals working with young children and primary school aged students with hearing loss.
Multiple opportunities for group discussion of key concepts, case examples and application of techniques.

For more details about Professional Development events by The Shepherd Centre.

Contact: Pia Watkins
Email: [email protected]




Understanding Hearing Loss - Tips and Tricks for Supporting a Student with Hearing Loss in the Classroom

Learning and engagement throughout a student's educational years are central to a student's outcomes and positive growth. For a child with hearing loss, the classroom and school environment can pose challenges for listening, learning and participation. How can we meet the needs of students with hearing loss and ensure we are supporting them best?

Key Learnings:
- Understand degrees and types of hearing loss.

- Explore the implications of hearing loss on learning and development.

- Identify and address challenges to facilitate learning and optimal progress.

- Understand the use of a Wireless Communication Device.

- Learn practical classroom teaching tips to best support engagement, participation and learning for students with hearing loss. 

Course Details:
Two hour online interactive course for professionals working with preschool, primary and high school students with hearing loss.
Multiple opportunities for group discussion of key concepts and practical application of strategies to support student learning.
For more details about Professional Development events by The Shepherd Centre.

Contact: Pia Watkins
Email: [email protected]














January 2023

16 Camp SAY: Australia

Camp SAY: Australia is a 5-night, sleep-away summer camp for young people who stutter ages 8-18.

At Camp SAY: AU we combine a high quality, traditional camp experience with specialised programs and activities that help kids and teens who stutter develop confidence and independence, and form important lifelong friendships.

Camp SAY: AU 2023 will be hosted at Log Cabin Camp, on of the premiere camp facilities in Victoria, located in the picturesque area of Creswick, just 140 km east of Melbourne's CBD. We look forward to welcoming campers to this 36-acre, impeccably maintained, Australian Camps Association accredited campsite.

Campers are welcomed by friendly staff and fellow campers who stutter and immediately see that Camp SAY: AU is a very different place - a place where they are free to express themselves without fear or ridicule. Camp programs and activities are specially designed to meet each child’s individual goals and needs. So instead of worrying about stuttering, kids can experience the simple joy of being a child.

At Camp SAY: AU we believe that every voice matters, every voice deserves to be heard, and it's really OK to stutter!

Contact: Rich Stephens
Email: [email protected]