Become an Allied Health Assistant

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) provides information for individuals who plan to obtain a formal Allied Health Assistant qualification though a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation.

The term allied health assistant has often been used as an umbrella term for a range of job titles for workers that support the work of allied health professionals, including speech pathologists. Other terms used include rehabilitation assistant, therapy assistant, therapy aide and support worker. Different terms may be used in different settings and in different locations.

The Association is unable to provide information about job prospects after completing an Allied Health Assistant course and does not collect data about where positions are available and how many people are finding positions after completing training.

For further information about Allied Health Assistant positions, talk to course providers, look at job search websites and call speech pathology providers to enquire about positions.

Speech Pathology Australia asserts Allied Health Assistants should not be utilised as replacements for speech pathologists, but can be a valuable adjunct to the delivery of services by a qualified speech pathologist.

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