Accreditation Processes and Classifications

Speech Pathology Australia introduced the Professional Standards for Speech Pathologists in Australia (2020). in August 2020. Since that time, new Accreditation Standards have been in development to align with the professional standards. The Accreditation Standards (2022) and associated Guidelines for accreditation of speech pathology degree programs (2022) are linked below.

In 2022 and 2023, university programs undergoing accreditation can select to be accredited against the 2019 or 2022 Accreditation Standards. From 2024, all programs undergoing accreditation must submit against the Accreditation Standards (2022).

Accreditation Standards, Guidelines and Video guides (2022)

The excerpt of the Accreditation Standards (2022) and the Guidelines for accreditation for speech pathology degree programs can be accessed below:

Five video guides have been developed to assist university staff, students, accreditors and other stakeholders to navigate the accreditation submission process. These can be accessed below:

Accreditation of Speech Pathology Programs (2019)

Programs being accredited against the Accreditation Standards (2019) can access the documentation below:

Accreditation Classifications

The accreditation classifications available to university programs have not changed. Details can be found in the Guidelines for accreditation of speech pathology programs, Part 1, pp. 9-12.

View the current accreditation classifications for Australian university speech pathology programs.