University Accreditation

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) is recognised by the Federal Government of Australia, Department of Education, Skills and Employment, as well as the National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP) as the professional body which represents speech pathologists in Australia.

The Association grants accreditation to speech pathology programs that meet the prescribed accreditation standards. All Australian professional entry programs, whether undergraduate or graduate-entry, are evaluated against the same standards.

By accrediting speech pathology degree programs, the Association aims to:

Maintain appropriately high minimum standards of the speech pathology profession in Australia:

  • Stimulate maintenance of high standards and continuing improvement in the quality of professional education in speech pathology.
  • Provide support to the university programs to encourage excellence in professional preparation; and support varied and flexible degree programs that are aligned with the changing realities of the speech pathology workforce.
  • Assure the public that graduates from accredited University programs are eligible for membership of Speech Pathology Australia and are competent to practice as a speech pathologist.

The Association permits only those graduates who have achieved the entry level requirements specified in the Competency Based Occupational Standards (CBOS), from a program that has been awarded accreditation, to be eligible for membership.

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