Working with Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Being Evidence Based and Effective

Mrs Kristin Bayley, MSPA CPSP

NSW Working with Young Chn with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Workshop summary

Working with individuals with ASD can be a complex and challenging area of practice.  This session will provide participants with knowledge and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders in early childhood to age 7 years.  

Learning objectives
Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the diagnostic criteria for ASD (American Psychological Association, 2013) and discuss the role of speech pathologists in diagnosis of ASD.
  • Discuss the current evidence base of ASD intervention and how the clinician can protect their clients from pseudoscientific interventions.
  • Describe key socio-communication and learning to learn skills critical to early intervention and explain at least one strategy for teaching each of these skills.
  • Describe the ABC model and why it is an important component to functional communication training.  
  • Identify possible functions of behaviour when given descriptive data.  
  • Construct clear and achievable goals for functional based communication.
Who should attend?
  • Registrants must be speech pathologists.
  • Target caseload - paediatric clients aged 0-7 years, with diagnosed ASD or related disabilities, and/or young children not yet diagnosed that are demonstrating signs and symptoms of ASD.   (0-7 years).
  • Speech pathology students who have a clinical interest in ASD and/or who have had clinical placement experience in ASD are welcome to attend.
    If you have attended the previous workshop in 2019 in Tamworth, please be advised this will be a repeat workshop.

Before the workshop

Prior to attending participants are requested to read:  
The DSMV criteria, which can be found at:

Optional - Participants are encouraged to submit de-identified case studies prior to the workshop for discussion.

Participants will also be emailed an article to read once registering for the workshop from the book:

Weiss, M. J. (2007). A review of Mary Lynch Barbera & Tracy Rasmussen's The verbal behavior approach: How to teach children with autism and related disorders. [Review of the book The verbal behavior approach: How to teach children with autism and related disorders. M. L. Barbera & T. Rasmussen]. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention, 4(2), 526-531.

Participants are not required to bring anything to the event. All materials will be provided.


Workshop details

One day workshop in Wagga Wagga on Friday 7 February 2020
8.30 am registration for a 9.00 am start, concludes at 4.30 pm


If you have any questions about the workshop or venue, please contact Shirani Gomes, CPD Coordinator

If you have any questions about the registration process please contact National Office or 1300 368 835.

7/02/2020 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Mercure Wagga Wagga 1 Morgan Street WAGGA WAGGA NSW


Mrs Kristin E. Bayley, MSPA CPSPMrs Kristin Bayley, MSPA CPSP6bdb26a2-6496-4b7a-8c05-097a85b1ec5c

Registration Fees

Registration categoriesFee
SPA Certified Practising, Non Certified or Re-entry Members$371.00
SPA Non Practising or Full-time Postgraduate Student Member$279.00
SPA Student Member$235.00
Non Member$643.00

All fees are inclusive of GST

Early Bird closing date is 1 month before the event. After this date an additional $99 registration fee applies.
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