Professional Practice Seminar 2020

Professor Pamela Snow, FSPA, Dr Jennifer Arnold-Levy

TAS Professional Practice Seminar 2020

TAS Professional Practice Seminar 2020

A two-day event designed for practising speech pathologists, including those who own and manage  their own private practice and employees and contractors across all workplace sectors.


Speaker: Professor Pamela Snow
In this workshop, Professor Pamela Snow will review the principles of the scientific method, as this applies to both quantitative and qualitative research, and will provide a guide for appraising research quality and considering levels of research evidence. The problem of pseudoscience in clinical practice and in education will be outlined with respect to its hallmark features and the challenges it poses for practitioners. Participants will be provided with a checklist for identifying pseudoscience, and its close relative, weak science, and suggestions for dealing with the ethical dilemmas these practices create will also be provided.

Facilitating conversations for Positive change; practical applications for speech pathologists
Speaker: Dr Jennifer Arnold-Levy
Jennifer’s half day workshop is designed to support practitioners in developing and consolidating their capacity to successfully and confidently navigate conversations to effect positive outcomes .  The workshop will have a particular emphasis on developing the knowledge and skills needed to be successful change agents and facilitate collaborative conversations with both internal and external stakeholders. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore applications to real world scenarios within their own practice and develop action plans for implementing new learnings. 

Supervision (choose either Session 1 or Session 2)
Speaker: Nathan Cornish-Raley, Professional Support Advisor, Speech Pathology Australia

Session 1: Benefits of offering supervision as a private practice
Participants will be able to select to attend one of Nate’s presentations. The first presentation has been designed for speech pathologists who own and/or manage their own practice. The presentation will address the benefits and challenges of providing supervision in the private sector. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the components of effective supervision, innovative and flexible models of offering clinical supervision, identifying and training supervisors, supervision and an employee’s workload, flexible supervision options, determining the supervision needs of staff, and accessing supervision and mentoring as practice owners and senior clinicians.

Session 2:  Maximising your clinical skills and experience through supervision
The second presentation has been designed for speech pathologists who are employed across the public and private sectors. Participants will discuss how to work with employers to obtain clinical supervision, what to expect from during supervision, what to do when supervision is not available, and supervision as continuing professional development.
Updates from Speech Pathology Australia National Office 

Speaker: Nichola Harris, Manager, Professional Practice, Speech Pathology Australia 
In this session, Nichola will provide members with updates from Speech Pathology Australia's National Office including information about recently developed resources to support professional practice.

Every day ethics: the revised Code of Ethics in practice 
Speaker: Trish Johnson, Manager, Ethics and Professional Issues, Speech Pathology Australia

In this session, Trish will explore the resources that will be accessed through the revised and interactive 2020 version of the SPA Code of Ethics. Case discussions will be used to practice identification of ethical issues and dilemmas and will allow for reflection on how speech pathologists make ethical decisions in real contexts.

WorkPlacePLUS (choose either Session 1 or Session 2)
Speaker: Anna Pannuzzo

Session 1: Speech pathologists who own and/or manage their own practice
This presentation discusses key HR requirements for private practice owners and provides practical advice on best
practice HR strategies to empower and inform employers. Included is an exploration of the key challenges and
winning strategies for managing staff.

Session 2: Speech pathologists who are employed across the public and private sectors
This presentation provides best practice HR advice for private practice employees, with troubleshooting of
common workplace issues around pay rates, performance reviews and more.
13/03/2020 9:30 AM - 14/03/2020 4:00 PM
Peppers Silo 89-91 Lindsay Street INVERMAY TAS
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