ACT Nat Tour Paediatric Dysphagia: A-Z of IDDSI Framework

Workshop summary

This workshop will focus in detail on four areas currently topical in paediatric dysphagia. It will introduce the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework in a practical way to help speech pathologists in hospitals, community and schools to understand the framework and apply it to their clinical setting. The workshop will include interactive sessions to become familiar and confident using the IDDSI testing methods for liquids and foods. The workshop will then focus on fussy eating. It will provide general information to assist with assessment and treatment of fussy eating and specific information relating to chewing strategies and working with families. Building from the general information participants will then use a problem-based learning approach to work through complex cases. Topics covered under the complex care module will expand to include information regarding parental anxiety and forced feeding, potential application of cervical auscultation to assessment of fragile populations and options for the management of dehydration associated with thickened fluids (e.g. free water protocols). The workshop will conclude with a module on medication administration including information around the practice of cutting and crushing solid dose medicines and thickening liquid medications. This workshop is relevant to speech pathologists working in a range of settings including hospitals, community-based programs, and schools.

Learning objective

  • The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework will be reviewed specific to paediatric settings.
  • The workshop will involve hands-on assessment of food and liquid using IDDSI testing tools to help clinicians become familiar with the testing techniques and to give them confidence to teach others these techniques.
  • The workshop will include general information about fussy eating, including the most common types of fussy eating. Physiological causes of fussy eating will be identified as these need to be addressed prior to any treatment focus. Suggestions for working with families of fussy eater’s will be included and specific information on developing chewing strategies will also be provided. 
  • A problem-based learning approach will then be used to move from general fussy eating to more complex and challenging cases. 
  • Following the group work PBL cases studies, the complex care module will cover topics such as parent anxiety associated with forced feeding during sleep (dream feeds), potential use of cervical auscultation in assessment of fragile infants and strategies to manage dehydration for children requiring thick fluids (including. discussion of free water protocols and their application to paediatric patients)
  • The medication administration module will cover safe administration techniques and information on practices such as cutting and crushing medicine, ‘off-label use’, and thickening liquid medications. The IDDSI Flow Test will be used to demonstrate assessment of the thickness of liquid medications. Resources to assist with medication administration in paediatrics will be shared.

Who should attend?

  • Registrants must be speech pathologists.
  • This workshop is relevant to speech pathologists working in a range of settings including hospitals, community based programs, and schools.
  • Speech pathology students who have undertaken relevant lectures and/or coursework and/or clinical placements are welcome to register.

Before the workshop

It is recommended that speech pathologists are familiar with the IDDSI framework ( and have reviewed the testing methods prior to the workshop.
There is no prescribed pre-reading. All materials for practical exercises will be provided at the workshop. 
Participants are encouraged to bring a smart device (phone or tablet).

Workshop details

One day workshop in Canberra on Thursday, 14 November 2019 
8.45 am registration for a 9.15 am start, concludes at 4.45pm


If you have any questions about the workshop or venue, please contact Erin Masson, CPD Coordinator

If you have any questions about the registration process please contact National Office or 1300 368 835.

Cliftons Level 2, 10 Moore Street CANBERRA ACT
Registration not available.

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