Information for Applicants for Student Membership (Entry Level)


Only students enrolled in a speech pathology course recognised by Speech Pathology Australia are eligible for this category of membership.
Applicants enrolled in their 1st degree in speech pathology (whether graduating with a Bachelors or Masters entry-level degree) are eligible for Student membership.
Applicants MUST ensure they meet all selection criteria AND provide ALL the required documents.

Student Members

  • are offered benefits in line with Ordinary Members, including free regular publications. 
  • are offered professional development opportunities at student member rates.
  • are offered National Conference registration fees at student member rates.
  • are not entitled to vote or sit on Council or sub-committees. 
  • may be co-opted to Association bodies, but are not entitled to vote.
  • pay a special reduced rate in their first year after completion of their course.


Applicants for Student Membership must upload evidence of enrolment in a recognised speech pathology course.
This must include one of the following:
  • Copy of your current student card and enrolment details, OR 
  • Statement from your university stating your current enrolment in a recognised speech pathology course

Application Approval

When applications are received, they are checked and then sent to the Board for consideration. Acceptance to membership of The Speech Pathology Association of Australia Limited is subject to Board approval.
As a member of the Association you are encouraged to ensure you always keep records and details regarding your professional membership in a safe place.

Membership Fee

(Please note: membership is for a calendar year, i.e. 1 Jan – 31 Dec. Applications can be received throughout the year; however, students in their final year must join by 1 November to benefit from reduced membership fees for new graduates.)
Please include the fee due with your application. Payment may be made by credit card or direct debit.

Student Member Upgrade

After graduation Student Members may upgrade their membership to Ordinary Membership by re-applying and submitting the necessary certified copies of documents. The relevant application form will be forwarded at the end of your nominated final year of study or the application form is obtainable from National Office. Providing you are a Student Member in your final year of study, special membership fees apply for your first year after graduation.